Perks of Working for Disney

That reoccurring #ILoveMyJob on my social platforms is no joke. I’ve compiled a couple of my favorite aspects about my job as the International Public Relations Intern and Disney as a whole—not to mention all of the incredible perks that come with being a cast member.

  1. Ambition surrounds you
  2. Disney sets the gold standard, and sets you up to achieve the same
  3. Incomparable company culture
  4. You make magic and it’s contagious
  5. People come before anything else
  6. My team
  7. My fellow interns and colleagues
  8. Free park entrance
  9. Complimentary guest passes
  10. Free parking
  11. Loads of company and community discounts (including Disney Springs… which means brands that you NEVER get discounts on!)
  12. Meeting stunning people with fascinating backgrounds (Brazilian celebrities are my favorite!)
  13. An insider scoop on just about everything, including how to conquer the parks and what’s worth your time and money
  14. Mickey ears
  15. The in on company secrets (sorry, no sharing!)
  16. Connections on connections on connections
  17. Attending chic media events and dinners

And SO MUCH more…

Needless to say, Disney treats their interns with some serious love and provides an unforgettable internship. Working for Disney has been an empowering experience for way more reasons than I listed. Without the slightest hesitation, I would earnestly encourage undergraduates seeking real world experience to pursue a Professional Internship with Disney.



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